Anonymous asked:
Who u crush on?

No one in particular.

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever be in a bdsm relationship


Anonymous asked:
Do you like being spanked?


l0calmercury asked:
Fuck, marry, kill: Cee Lo Green, Carrot Top, Guy Fieri?

Goddamn. Marry cee lo, fuck guy cause he can cook and kill carrots annoying ass.

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you better pop lock and drop that attitude

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Me every time a develop any sort of feeling towards humans

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I can’t click my reblog button hard enough

It’s not just the ladies who get insecure, it’s all of us.  It’s a human trait, yo.

reblog this everytime i see it. soooo cute!

this made me cry happy tears

This is cute af


Where da thick boys at

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So, fuck every friend that felt obligated to listen,
but didn’t give a shit. 

Fuck my teachers for wasting my time
and said I was acting out. 

Fuck the social worker that got paid
to feel sorry for me. 

Fuck the church for filling my head
with useless stories that never helped. 

Fuck the cops for showing up late. 
Fuck my parents for making me pay
for their mistakes.

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I want a heart tattoo
I want it to hurt really bad
That’s how I’ll know
I’ll know it’s real
A real tattoo


i wonder what its like to be attractive enough to have random people have crushes on you 

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